Youtube sensation Dainá was born in the UK and raised in New Jersey and Florida. Dainá shot to fame in 2013 after releasing her first youtube video based on one of her inspirations Aaliyah, since then Dainá has accumalated over 530,000 subscribers to her youtube Channel


Dainá is a woman of unique style with one of her fashion icons being the late musical genius Michael jackson, she attracts and influences a lot of the UK's young women today.


Having a musical background Dainá has always sang and classified herself as a musician, but now she is ready to showcase her voice to the world properly and gain respect in her selected field, she wants you to know she is more than that girl you see on youtube and she is ready to let you know what she is really about.

"British R&B Singer, Dainá, releases a debut single synthesised to perfection".